Find an Immigration Lawyer in Sevierville, TN

Find an Immigration Lawyer in Sevierville, TN

Let Benjamin N. Miller, Attorney at Law help you get your visa

If you're a U.S. citizen, you can sponsor your parent, spouse or child under 21 years of age freely for an immigrant visa in Sevierville, Tennessee. Benjamin N. Miller, Attorney at Law can help you file for whatever visa you need, including:

  • Fiancée visas. Recent laws require you to state whether you and your spouse used a dating service and whether they have any criminal convictions.
  • Child and sibling sponsorships. You can sponsor your adult child or sibling, but they may be put on a waiting list. 
  • Business Visas. Whether you're coming to the U.S for a convention or negotiating a contract, attorney Miller can help you obtain legal documentation for temporary work.
  • Derivative beneficiaries. Depending on their country of origin, the siblings or children of the person you’re trying to sponsor may be subject to a waiting list.

Attorney Miller is well-informed about the changing immigration laws in Sevierville, Tennessee and the rest of the country. He’ll explain your options and help you make the best decision.

Hire him to help you get your immigrant visa in Sevierville, TN. Contact attorney Miller today. 

Trust a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney to help with your case

Benjamin N. Miller, Attorney at Law is passionate about the work he does. You can trust him to understand your situation and help you bring your loved ones here safely. Call 423-429-9312 now to learn more about fiancée and business visas in Sevierville, Tennessee.